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Shipping Policy

How much is shipping?

If you live in the USA or any of its territories (including APOs) and you order anything in any quantity then shipping is aprox $4.99. The cost may vary depending on your exact location.

If you want to find out the exact shipping cost for your region, just add the product in your cart and go to the checkout page. You don't need to pay for the product, just fill your shipping info and the shipping cost will be automatically calculated and displayed.

If you are outside those regions shoot us an email to find out what the shipping cost will be. contact[@]

How long will take ?

If you live in the USA or any of its territories (including APOs) the shipping time is usually between 5 and 15 business days but sometimes the shipping time may be shorter or longer depending a lot on weather, national holidays and other things like that.

If you live outside US, the shipping can take up to 30 business days because most of our products are shipped from USA or from Asia (China, Japan etc). Please do not order if you are not able to wait that longer.